​Our journey started 4 years back, even if we didn’t grew exponentially, as “Geek from Heart” are in limited availability at #Kolkata #WestBengal. But one thing for sure, we walked the path with a few great mind​​ and a lot OF ENTHUSIAST and engraved our FOOTPRINT strong. #Memories https://www.facebook.com/groups/sillyconorg/

Help from Nasscom Kolkata by providing us the space regularly – appreciated. Till now, we have no Sponsors, no Corporate Support or Local Government Support, whereas in every other states “OWASP” events are supported by Corporate and Govt. So it is completely run by you – SillyCon and a few anonymous DONOR!

May be because we challenge things rather accepting it as it is advertised, may be it is an act of “REBEL” characteristics. May be because we don’t use #Jargons without understanding it from heart, or may be because we don’t wear so called FORMAL SUITS. But trust me, you are one of them, who keep technology trusted and beautiful. I am very sure – from SillyCon team, many BRIGHT minds of the future will pave the path for next generations. 

We believe technology is meant to be used for helping the society and giving a better tomorrow for mankind. We also believe community learning is the best form of learning; it’s the people around us that enrich us every day.

We have industry experts in our group in the fields of Information Security, Open Source, Cloud, DevOps etc who have joined hands to develop a better IT ecosystem, where young and eager minds of today can be nurtured for developing them into the innovator of tomorrow.